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Hello!, ive been thinking about what would be alot of fun to have in nextcargame,  and i came up with this:

Basicly its a gamemode , sort of like your old stunt modes in flatout, where you need to score as much points to win.

You start of on a ramp/intersection/whatever to pick up as much speed as possible, but instead of ragdolling your driver, you ragdoll your entire car.

For now, lets make the default key: Z, so you pick up speed, hold Z to charge a force bar, once you release the Z key, your front end slams into the floor and start tumbling down (perhaps even use a 2 second time slow ,so people can aim where to go)

You have small directional control of where you want the car to tumble to.

Point would based on the total destruction made, of your own car, destructables, etc

Let me know what you guys think :)

Ps. excuse the grammar mistakes, im not a native english speaker ^^



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That sounds like a nice mini-game. I also posted some ideas for car-like-a-ragdoll-minigame in another thread:

Have a mall, have some ramps, have a timer, lets cause max money damages within the timeframe.

Have some highway traffic, have a road leading up to it, have a timer, lets cause max money damages within the timeframe (Burnout).

Have monster trucks and some smashables cars and busses.

Let's do the pinball table with a car as the ball idea.

Have a car catapult with 10 cars worth of ammo and just fling it in something expensive to cause max damage.

Have a car chase on a highway, camera turned backwards at the chasers. Have the ability to fling cars around to stop the chase.