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I'm a derby driver in the US and grew up on dirt tracks so these cars are definitely biased towards my racing background but I hope you all enjoy :)


1974 Chevy Impala - They're a beast of a car in any derby class (People will pay $400 just for their front bumper lol)
1965  Chrysler Imperial - This car is banned in almost all derby events, deemed indestructible
Mid 70 GM station wagon
2000s Ford Crown Vic - Not my choice for a derby car but very popular among drivers now
1965 Lincoln Continental Suicide Door
1969 Dodge Polara
1967 AMC Ambassador
1968-76 Cadillac Deville
1959 Edsel Ranger

Compact Derby Cars
AMC Pacer
AMC Gremlin
Ford Mustang Fox Body
Ford Pinto
Chevy Chevette

Race Cars
57 Chevy Belair
1975 Nova
1985 Buick GSX
1967 Chevy Chevelle
1965 Ford Mustang
3rd Generation Camaro
1939 Ford or any late 30s stock cars (The rise of NASCAR through bootleggers)
1950 Hudson
1971 AMC Javelin

I can go on and on really lol


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Mod support my friend

40's Ford
57 Ford Classic

Jaguar XJ Series 3
Ford Granada mk1 Saloon
Ford Granada mk1 Hearse (fibre glass)
Ford Granada mk1 Coupe
Ford Granada mk1 Cokebottle Coupe
Ford Granada mk2 Saloon
Ford Granada mk2 Estate
Ford Scorpio saloon
Ford Scorpio estate
Volvo 240 Estate
Lexus LS400
Mercedes 600
1964 Cadillac Fleetwood
1968 Chevrolet Impala

Currently im working on adding to the the above online bangers mod
67 Pontiac GTO
Ford LTD
Vanden Plas 4Lr
Toyota Supra mk3 (a70)
Toyota Crown (s110)
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Mercedes w140 Saloon
Mercedes w210 Saloon
Mercedes w210 Estate
Dell U2515H 25",  i5-4690k @4.0ghz, 16gb ram, MSI GTX 1060 6GB, 120/500gb SSD, 1tb HHD, win 7, G25/Logitech pad

Online Bangers:Wreckfest -


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Great Stuff Sam.......Im hoping 1 day there will be BMW added.....i.e Like an (E34 5 series) and/or a (E38 7 series)


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I'd love to have a Beach Buggy in game

Also some sort of the FO2 cars:
- Canyon (4WD)
- Crusader (Pickup)

Who wants a Tesla? Silent RunDriving!  :D
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why not adding some cars like dd2 style Llike the cars in the psx cover? or the nascar Chevrolet Lumina


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I'm just going to bump this thread because why not.
1977-78 Cadillac Eldorado
1975-77 Chevy Monza Hatchback
1973-75 Pontiac Lemans Coupe
C4 Corvette
1986-89 Honda Accord Sedan
Opal GT
1989-92 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible
1991-92 Pontiac Firebird
1991-96 Buick Roadmaster
1988-90 Buick Regal
1978-80 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1980-89 Lincoln Town Car
1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda
1973-76 Plymouth Duster
Mazda Rotary Truck
1983-88 GMC Jimmy
1989-98 Chevy Silverado
Ford Bronco II
1991-94 Ford Explorer
1993-97 Pontiac Firebird
1970 Dodge Charger
Plymouth Turismo
1978 Dodge Challenger
1980-86 Ford F350
1971-72 Ford LTD
1976-77 Pontiac LeMans Safari
Ford Elite
1959-60 International A110
1968 Cadillac Coupe Deville
1981-83 Chrysler Imperial
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1969 Dodge Charger would be great.

67-73 front frame chrysler imperial!