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My recreation of FO2's Speedbowl track. Now available in workshop.

Took me al while to get the "bowls" right.
Still a work in progress, will be adding stuff.

This mod will eventually contain DD track(s) and a Cops 'n Robbers track.

Known issue with this track: Because of the high banking "bowls" you get significant damage to the bottom of the car.
I'm not sure what is causing this and I know other modder have the same problem with banked curves, but it's either;
1) a "centrifugal force" settings not suited for this kind of track.
2) Suspention settings on the cars not suited for this kind of track.
3) a combination of both above mentioned.
4) none of the above.

My question to the BugBear Dev's is: What is causing this downforce? Is there a way to counter this?

Many thanks to all in the community who helped making this mod possible.

Edit: Finsku got the track picture in down below. ( thanks mate)
And now that one doesn't show aswell.
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Great stuff :)
And as you say, this force is really anoying. For any tracks with high banking the cars will be dragged violently downwards the bottom of the turn with no chance of getting controll back.


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Thanks mate.

Yeah, coming out of the bowl too far to the right makes you spin clockwise.

There's a car wide spot at the end of each bowl, half a cars width from the wall on the left that doesn't make the car spin.
Racing that line is the best way to keep speed up.

I really hope the Dev's will read this thread.


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Looking cool, I'll definitely test this track later!
In some reason the picture doesn't work in forum, but opening it to new tab/window it works.

Here's working one  :) :


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Thanks a million Finsku, I couldn't get the picture up, no matter what I tried.


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Re-uploaded Speedbowl to steam workshop, old version no longer working, this mean you have to subscribe to it again.

Improved AI, textures are showing correct now, only one texture is incorrect. ( the traffic cone, I forgot to make a new .scne file in my object folder )
This will be corrected in next update.