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Thank you for asking my opinion, more tracks (and cars) and keep game as realistic as possible. Please ;)
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5, misc:
Option to chose AI cars (random, of one class, one type of car / same as player car), more weather and weather options, random selection of tracks, more game modes,  generally just more OPTIONS to play with.
How could I forget that, we need the possibility to choose opponents too! Single region, one make, banger/nonbanger variant, they are all important to spice things up also in career mode

Orbotnive T

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Sending the request in emails to the buyers..

I already posted in steam so will not repeat but that was a great idea to get opinions from people who cared enough to buy in the past but went away in time. If possible.

I just got through playing for tonight in a 24 player server, which is unusual these days. I love the handling in normal situations, on mixed 1 I powerslid (?) through the two corners after the startline in 6th/4th, to victory.

I am afraid hoppen is right, there is too much of a curve here, but I hope that any changes could be inclusive rather that exclusive. You know what I mean?

Making it easier to keep up hopefully wouldn't mean taking away the opportunity of skill that's already there..

Tough request I think :D But hopefully you can arrange it via assists


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Haven't been playing much lately for various reasons (time, got out of my previous team, and progressive disappearance of the clean gang I did play with; also the current annoying issue of randomly bouncing off the ground in some situations).

I've bought a wheel/pedals/shifter especially for wreckfest because I actually like the approach to handling, even though I'm having a hard time adjusting to it. I can't help but feel like the force feedback is a bit odd.
you get absolutely nothing with a euro 1 at any point, while you get a fantastic feel of whether you have grip or not when playing a heavier car but only with a feedback set at 100% or so; however 100% is pretty hard on my left arm since my right hand is on the shifter all the time.

Can't say I'm a fan of the latest tracks as they are now. I just hate tarmac 3 ("oh ok, there was a corner in the middle of this parking lot."). The original sandpit looks a bit more like what it used to be, but it's still not there yet (too wide).
The very latest tracks are not flat at all, and I like that a lot, however, they lack craziness. In my opinion, most track suffer the same problem : they're way too wide. As much as I enjoy racing as clean as I can, I also enjoy the occasional mess that can occur on tracks like gravel or tarmac 2. I'm not advocating for the known "it's called wreckfest" per se, but I for one would love tracks that actually force the cars to get brutally closer to each other (like 3 way road going into a 2 way tunnel) every now and then; it would make for strategic points in dirty racing as well as tricky points in clean racing, forcing some unwanted adjustments to break the monotony of your standard clean race. Real life tracks can't feature too many bumps/jumps because the cars wouldn't survive for long, there is no need to simulate this specific limitation =D

As for cars, I don't care much for new ones right now; I'd rather get more parts for all of them. Actually I'd even call for a massive revamp of them all. Right now, they're merely upgrades and you just want the best ones for any car. Give me a choice between more RPM OR more BHP when it comes to engines, so that the choice of longer/shorter gearbox ratio actually matters beyond how well it fits a track's rythm. (not even sure I want customisable gear ratio, that's not "affordable sunday race car" to me)
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You forgot to add an additional category, more and updated modding tools! Do I want them? Yessir I do, yes indeedy doo.

Personally I love the handling as it is right now. It's not too arcade-ish which means that it takes more skill to handle the cars. The physics are good, but sometimes when cars are flipping around they do so in strange and unpredictable ways.

I also love the collisions, but I have to admit that sometimes they can be a bit hilarious as I've seen cars as flat as a pancakes and are still driving around. I love the way the game played and handled a long time ago. I can't remember what build it was, but often times your were lucky to make one lap around the track before being taken out. After a few laps it was literally like dodging around in a junk yard trying to make your way through to the finish line.

Please though, as you continue to develop the game, don't get arcade-ish with it like the old DD2 game. I know there are still fans who like that over-the-top kind of play with ramps, jumps, and strange looking cars, but it is just not my thing at all. I love the current play, look, and style of the game as it is now.

I like the current "more realistic" tracks now, but I would also love to see some city maps like racing through downtown at night or even a mountain pass kind of map where we are twisting and turning going up and down hills, over bridges and through creeks.


We need more mud, and snow/ice tracks. Gotta make the handling realistic though, none of this front end pushing when your back wheels are spinning at 40 mph And your car is only moving 15-20 mph.

Upgrades and getting more in depth would be great! Nice to have just those starting parts, but would be great to get more in depth with engine builds and even car builds. Different amount of added steel/strength for different derby classes. SHouldn't be based on the performance of a vehicle. A muscle car built to be a drag car is not going to be as tough as a car built to be a derby car.

Just needs more features. More event modes, ability to vote in multiplayer. The event modes have to be semi-realistic though... fewer players on more teams>Fewer teams with more players IMOs.

Events with heats and tons of players would be fun... Big tournaments that start with 25+players. Enough to have 1st round heats, maybe even 2 or 3 rounds with a consolation, semi-finals, etc.... Multi-server would be needed I suppose.

More actual banger/derby cars. But more muscle is cool too. More big blocks=More fun!
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I sent mine - hope it'll mean something in the future!

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Filled mine in. For me you don't need to change a lot massively.I've seen thats there's pretty much a variable for everything in bagedit,just tweaking needed.

Some of the design choice recently hasn't been as good imo. The most recent tracks are boring,too long,too wide, massive run offs (tarmac3), long sweeping sections that might aswell just be flat out straights (sandpit3). Couple this with the poor multiplayer code limiting server sizes (this is the biggest game killer for me) and you basically end up with a tiny grid split up over a huge track after lap 1. Tracks like gravel,mixed 1/2,tarmac 1,fig 8's,ovals are good circuits. They keep the pack closer, there's chance for plenty of action and mistakes are punishing (causing more action).

The 'banger' versions of the original cars seem like really lazy additions, as they are neither authentic (plenty of banger drivers,fans, and official photographers playing the game who could've helped you with authenticity) nor do they serve any purpose other than being straight upgrades, of the original versions. Missed opportunity there imo,you could've even got some of these real drivers to advertise the game on their cars in front of 10's of thousands of spectators. They do fit the games style a bit better than the original cars, but I would much rather see different suitable cars for the style of racing (still no estate,hearse,limo,ambulances,flower car). Less coupes/ex rally cars,more proper cars.

More game modes would be nice. Like team cups,and individual driver multi race cups,tournaments over multiple tracks (sprint cup is almost never used online).

1 thing I really don't want to see is the game dumbed down or made easier. Accessibility is good (i.e better assists if it helps people with keys). Tool tips for people who don't understand how diffs or gearbox ratios work,maybe the codemaster's  'follow this line' aid.But its fidelity that keeps people playing long term.

A driving model which made the cars easier to drive as a whole wouldn't keep me coming back for more. They're already easy to drive imo once you've sorted your advanced controller settings. Which would benefit from a mini steering wheel so you could test as you change. If you do opt for a easier experience, please add server options to disable stuff like 'easy mode driving' for those who want that in a balanced environment.

Please allow people to disable future accessibility and visual changes server side (if balance effecting) and locally. I.e health bars (that almost nobody likes?),driving aids and pov changes in crashes, should more be added.
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Online Bangers:Wreckfest -


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I did want to expand on my answers a bit:

I did say I use the keyboard mostly, when I did play it, because it was pretty easy to do so in the last build I used.  In much earlier builds, I was using my steering wheel/pedals/H-shifter setup to good effect.  The simminess never bugged me, but I do iRacing for fun as well.

A lot of my buddies who bought this game on my reccommendation used to play Flatout 1 and 2 on occasion with me.  They'd drink drinks, get shouty and boisterous, and clap cars together ineptly.  The crashing was as fun as the racing, and I'd try to keep things as even as possible by selecting progressively worse and worse cars for myself, playing in fixed first person, never using nitrous, and so forth.  For them, self-expression with the cars (ie: styling, wings, paint) is more important than simulation, and handicapping me was also paramount.

Catering for my group of friends might not be in the direction you'd want to go, I'll be honest, as that would lead you to a much more casual-friendly sort of game.  I'll still play it as I love the notion of folkracing and rallycross, and I'll love it.  But it's the difference between a single-player and multi-player thing for me; my itch for really serious racing is scratched elsewhere.


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I'd like to see more jumps and bumps and stuff on the tracks, currently all the tracks feel pretty flat


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time, got out of my previous team, and progressive disappearance of the clean gang
Still around! :P All clean racers really need a dedicated discord for clean racing, maybe this way we get to race more often. I'm on it!


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Thank you for asking community.

To be honest, my only advice would be that everything that getting closer to FlatOut1 (environnement, fun tracks with shortcuts, jumps, obstacles, etc., career, mini games, IA aggro, etc.) put obviously wreckfest in a good way. FlatOut1 was so funny to play because it was not too realistic (a little bit casual), it was just a game but I can understand that people won't be agree with this, its always the same debate that begin in 2014.

Cheers and thanks for keeping up the good work.


The survey is too restricted in my opinion.

I am offline career type player but I would be interested in multiplayer online gaming, too, if it is relaxing and not too difficult.

I like / require just banger / folk style relaxing racing with sorting starts (alkuerät), qualifying etc. even to offline racing.

And I need mod friendly game for custom races.
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Looks like Wreckfest will be more Flatout arcade style in future if we're looking Facebook post's comments. I'm a little bit terrified...

My opinions:

  • Realistic and arcade style tracks (but not too much).
  • Breakable track (break walls, cut trees down if you hit a tree with high speed,...)
  • Shortcuts which helps you a little bit but are dangerous one
  • Tracks feels too flat, more small bumps, ditches
  • Small bumps outside the track line (if someone drives out it can end badly). Or rocks/logs/...
  • Tyre barries are too light

  • I like those cars what Wreckfest has now
  • More different kind cars
  • User can change car's look and it's visible for others in multiplayer
  • A possibility to change rims, install horns, ... different addons what player can buy (game money) and install to a car

  • Realistic physics
  • Strange acting when landing after huge jump
  • Car will slide if upside down (I know, there will be a fix for this in next update)

  • I like this, but I know many players who are tired to change/fix parts all the time

  • Yes please.

  • Menu is hard to control with gamepad controls, needs changes before publishing for console
  • In racing mode a counter which tells how many cars are left
  • In-game meters, counters, etc looks simple, I like it.

  • Realistic weathers
  • While joining into server it downloads mods

I did the survey but I wanted to tell more what I feel about Wreckfest.


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Looks like Wreckfest will be more Flatout arcade style in future if we're looking Facebook post's comments. I'm a little bit terrified...
Don't worry about that, we said the same on steam but it seems to go all positive :D

Quote from: Janne
Thanks for all the feedback, guys, it's been a very interesting read.

While we're talking about making the game more fun and creating a survey that sort of has "fun factor" as a leading theme it's not surprising that some of you guys are fearing the game will transform into a full-on arcade racer, but based on the preliminary survey results (almost 1000 votes in now, and still going strong) that's actually not what you (the players) are wanting.

We'll publish the results after the survey is done but it already looks safe to say that for the most part people are happy with where the game stands within the racing game genre (arcade vs. simulation), it just needs to be made more accessible and engaging, and of course complete. We need to analyze the results more closely but it does not seem like drastic direction changes are warranted by the survey.

Obviously the current results mostly reflect the opinion of the players that have been sticking with us for this long, but we're still hoping that even those players who have lost faith in the game will chime in with their opinion.