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I'm trying to learn how to mod this game, specifically how to make cars. I'm wondering if anybody could give me a car model (.3ds, .obj or .blend) with the correct object names that they used to make a mod. I think having two examples would be better than just having the example car.
I made my own model using simple shapes, but after being imported in the game it's upside down, angled through the ground, it doesn't move, the wheels have completely messed up rotation axes, and the collision boxes and spheres are visible, which led me to believe I've done something wrong, so I think I need to see something that works first.
I'd understand if nobody wants to give away their models, though.

Thanks!  ;)


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Example mod will show you 99% of things. There arent many requirements for objects names. Only body,driver,seat,brakediscs,wheels,steering wheel,exhaust (i think for backfire effect) and collision objects. Everything thing else can be named whatever you want, as long as you remember the names

Your problems are to do with object origin (blender) or pivot point (if using 3dsm). Has to be center of all individual objects/or center of mass, except 'Body' which should be at 0,0,0
The other problem you have is because you resized objects and not the mesh. All resizing/rotation changes have to be confirmed with xform reset (3dsm) or ctrl+a and confirm rotation and scale (blender)

go in bugbear discord or mine and ill show you with screenshots if you get stuck
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Thanks for the help! I didn't want to ask directly because I thought it would be annoying, but you knew exactly what was wrong.

If I have more questions, I'll ask on Discord.