Author Topic: WIP download page for the Figure 8 track pack  (Read 7378 times)


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I finally got 3 Jump Ramps Fig8 stable again with current Build of Wreckfest, after having to put track on hold back in Feb. :)

Had to get new ghost arrow sign from End, BIG thanks End. Found out my prop_forest5_startlights1.scne file was crashing the track. So had to go steal updated file from End's Very TrackPack. And the object giving me the most trouble was the prop_turnblock.scne object you see on the outside of the round abouts in pic above. For some reason the Stuntfest turnblock like crashing my new fig8 track. Sometime track loads, sometimes it don't with the turnblock object. What real strange, exact same object work fine in Fig8 Derby Ramp Jump track.

So I remove the Stuntfest turnblock object and used some metal containers to mark the outside of the round abouts:

The AI were coming up short on the second jump, not clearing the concrete wall and ended up just sitting there banging car against the wall. I got idea to use the reset wall End made me for the A to B track and place reset walls in front of concrete wall get AI to reset and get pass the concrete wall.  :D

Here the video:

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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