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I see your point, but there are no problems with it.

1. I'm not saying about 10,000 foot ramps or completely mad tracks like in Trackmania. I'm saying about some obstacles like roadworks that can send your car into the air if you are not careful enough. The car is wrecked? Restart the race and be more careful. Or push your opponent out. Any problem?
2. I'm saying about compromise between dangerous shortcuts or longer clear road like it was in FO1. Yes, in Flat-Out 1 there were no soft bodies. But big jumps could damage springs and affect speed badly. Bigger risk - better reward/more spectacular crash! It worked in FO1, why shoudn't it work in Wreckfest?
3. Why there are no such cool thing as crossings? How soft bodies obstruct to implement them?

Let's summary: obstacles, ramps, shortcuts, crossings. Not crazy like in Trackmania or Burnout, but realistic, like in FO1. They will not ruin the immersion, but add more fun into tracks, which now are borring as hell! Wreckfest has the most borring offline from all games about crashes I ever played because of borring tracks.


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The AI arent great, i agree on that. Although i cant think of a racing game (that ive played) that has decent AI either.
The jumps,cross overs,hazards you're talking about are in some of the tracks. Each environment has its own set of hazards and personality imo. E.g tarmac 1/2/3 don't have much in terms of jumps or stuff on track,but do have a lot of concrete barriers. Which you dont really notice offline,but when your online with people trying to deliberately run you into them they are a hazard. Those 90 degree walls on tarmac 2 are brutal when you come to brake and the person behind just keeps his foot flat to the floor.
Sandpit environment is the same in its own way, lots of offroad uneven surfaces which can send you flying into the sky (or down a deep ravine),precariously placed JCBs and trucks that can be hit be cutting to much and elevation changes. The flagpole hair pin that doesnt have a set direction to be taken.
Mixed has some very tight bottlenecks,cross over and jumps.

Theyre all there,just more subtle sometimes.

Maybe part of the fun sapping problem you are having is racing against AI? as they don't line you up for a massive hit when they see you in a braking zone. They don't deliberately take you out when there is a obstacle or sit on the bend waiting for you to come back around.
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Sorry, but the game isn't multiplayer only. It has a career. And it looks like it will be the most borring career in the history of racing gaming.
FO1 also doesn't have revolutionary AI. That's why it has amazing tracks with many hazards and ramps to make a race dangerous. In Wreckfest I can finish a race almost untouchable because the tracks are empty! What a wasting of amazing crash engine!


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The jumps,cross overs,hazards you're talking about are in some of the tracks.....

Sorry, but sugarcoating the tracks and trying to talk them better than they are is not very persuasive. It's just how it is.

I had to giggle about this comment from someone on the Sneak Peek Demo, that BugBear posted on their youtube channel.
"Look at all the fun shit in this demo, that is lacking in the actual game.."
I guess people just expect some more of that "shit in the demo" in the actual game, respectively on the tracks. And why wouldn't they. But tracks look more like clean racing type of tracks without any elements that remind people of the tech demo or Flatout-ish tracks.
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Wish the AI would adapt to my higher car speeds. because I use the "Additional Parts" mod, and my AM1 car is always leaving them bots in the dust. I have to side with lastbreath on this one Sam.


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I just think the hazards are more subtle is what i mean. Instead of a some spinning grinder from the tech demo, there is some wall/pole/wagon you can hit. Maybe some misunderstanding on my part? but certainly not trying to sugar coat them, tarmac 3 (way to much run off areas) i find very boring both on and offline.Some of the routes on most of the track environments are too long aswell imo
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I would not take shortcuts away,
I would simply put obstacles in the way that made it risky to use them.
I agree that there are shortcuts, but they must be risky.
Increase the tactical game since you will risk using them if you really need them.

There was a time when I thought that they had solved it with a major slowdown when you left the track and rolled on land or sand, but they took it off, now you can roll perfectly on the sand parts, they do not slow you down at all.