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I've searched the forums but have been unable to find anything better than the lawnmower derby track. If no one has ever bothered to make something similar, would it be possible to use the stuntfest editor to add barriers to the lawnmower track to make it a proper sized derby track? Ideally the surface would need to have much less grip.  Trying to figure out blender is proving harder than anticipated. I wrongly thought it would be as easy as SolidWorks or Inventor..... :-[


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You can maybe use solid works (cant confirm with tracks) but im pretty sure you can export to .stl from solid works. Blender you can import that format and finish it off then export again to game format
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Hi, can't help ya with making custom tracks with Blender. Will have talk with others here in the forum.

About the Lawnmower derby pit, be warned where the straw bales outer wall is, it actually an invisible barrier wall with the straw bales place in the same spot. Found this out when I added some exploding straw bales to the Lawnmower derby pit for the Cops and Robbers mod. So you can't make this pit bigger or smaller. The invisible wall will still be there.

I been able to use the Stuntfest 3D editor to add and move objects on the stock tracks, but there tricks to be done to get Wreckfest tracks to load in Stuntfest 3D editor. And some tracks the objects don't line up with track surface when loaded into Stuntfest. :(   Here link to my Stuntfest 3D editor thread:

Using Stuntfest editor as a Wreckfest 3D object editor. :)
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Thanks Purple for the information. I've been reading through your threads and wasnt sure if using stuntfest editor might make my life much easier.