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guys the new super fun cool epic mod of the year is here, get it while its hot, servers ready 2 run so throw down in the comments if u want 2 play online

more power!!
more crashes!!
more skins!!
the essential hardcore drivers mod is here
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Cool! I'll definitely be visiting the server in the next days :)
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Fantastic mod!

I´ve done a couple of races with AI on Woodhill raceway, it's awsome with the Nascar mod, also the suicidealley is much fun. AI combined with more HP makes it more unpredictable in a fun way.

Haven't found any online hosting yet :(


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Hi Stallone, when we going see you racing stock Wreckfest online again?

Maybe next Build with the new Euro minis?
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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ye we will be doing a night with this mod shortly but due 2 the appending wreckfest update i dont want 2 announce anything yet, this week/next week i hope


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Vin updated the mod with a working preview version. More changes are coming


Rammer and Rammer RS action is all in B class right now. Custom performance changes and parts are coming.

B class AI is now only Rammer or Rammer RS.

Works in Custom Race and in an added Stock Car career series.

Banger Rammers need to buy an engine upgrade to compete in B class. Banger Rammer AI already have one.

Selectable rims from the Speedbird. Many colors.

Lots of improvements coming:
Custom upgrades
Custom performance
More rim colors (especially medium blue and lighter gold).
AI customization (less aggressive, closer racing)

Better Career series. Adding qualifying and heats to more of them.
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About to update:

Changed AI to make it a little less aggressive and to run in tighter packs.

Custom damage.

Lots of rim color changes.