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So earlier tonight I loaded up Wreckfest 64 bit and disabled all active modifications to do some vanilla recordings.  When the game re-loaded after the mods were disabled it crashed.  Now, the game will not make it through the loading splash screen without crashing.  What is interesting is the game will load up in 32 bit just fine.

I have uninstalled/re-installed the game.
Rebooted my PC
Verified game cache (fine)
Removed all mod subscriptions
Searched for the modlist file that I keep seeing listed to remove and cannot find it.  My folder where I believe this should be located is empty

Any idea what is going on here?  I guess I could try to completely wipe the game off my PC and reinstall but I hate to do that if I dont have to.

EDIT:  Well I was just able to get the game to launch after I spent some time playing the 32 bit version.  I will let you guys know if I get the issue again though.  Please if you do have any ideas let me know, I would still love to know what I may need to do if the issue comes back.  Thanks!
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Running the 32-bit version and then going back to the 64-bit has been the most common fix. Look like it took two tries for you.

Don't know why this happens to some. Have never had it happen to me since we got 64-bit version with Build #7 back in June 2015.

Cody, might post your computer specs, could maybe help out Bugbear with this problem.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

i5 2500 i7 8700, 16GB, Nvidia 660 960 1060 6GB, Win 10 64bit, DFGT Wheel


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Yeah no problem

Windows 10 64 bit
Game is installed on a Samsung EVO 850 SSD
Nvidia drivers are up to date with the latest and greatest

I play using a Logitech G27 wheel and have triple screens but only play wreckfest on the center.


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After the patch was applied the game fails to display after game loading, the game window just goes black.  Anyone else having this problem?