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Multiplayer chats in Flatout 2 & UC support special characters to some extent (ýáíé...), but some other characters (?š??ž?) weren't detected correctly on a Czech keyboard, even though I saw those characters in the font files. I'm not quite sure how easy/hard is it to detect them since the keyboard layout depends on system language, and this isn't really an important feature, but it would be useful if the game could correctly determine the keyboard layout and allow us to use these keys.

Since some of the special characters in Czech language are specific to that language and aren't used anywhere else, I'd be happy to give you some extra information about the keys if needed ;). Of course, not implementing this isn't a big deal and even if you decided to do so, it'd have low priority, but I would love to see some more support for special characters in games :).


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Wow, I thought that I would not come back again though.