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who else thinks this is crap that evolution studios did this ok i have motorstorm apocalypse i deleted the updates and downloaded the dlc cars to see what would happen and they show up even the default skins they have in the customization are different this means they made us pay for 10 cars that were on disc you can try this for your self it will work i wanted to let people now about this. so you can get dlc cars without the updates at all now. kinda pisses me off that they fucked us over like that.


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I only recently bought this game (second-hand). Still haven't tried it. Good to know I'm not missing out on anything :D  I never bother with downloadable content of any kind.

I hate the idea of a game dependent on both disc and the online 'Drip-Feed'; an online drip-feed that is slave to the mothership pulling support at some point in future. Plus subject to a new release of the game with all the DLC integrated in future (ha!), screwing over the most loyal, highest-paying early-adopters. My motto: If it's not on the disc, it's not part of the game.

In this case, I am missing out on nothing, which is rare these days :)  The disc itself seems like a 'challenged' lifeform these days; expensive to manufacture, distribute, etc. Which only makes me treasure it more.


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Yes, you're right man! Nealy All DLC that were released for Motorstorm Apocalypse are on the Disc, in fact All DLC are "keys" in KB, so when you paid for the DLC, you just paid to gain access to the extra contents that are already on the game

I've tried doing Hex editing, but I can't figure out how to unlock the "Gold rims", the Italia Torquemada Supercar and the 4 "Carbon vehicles" that were Pre-orders DLC, luckily some people have shared with save games with all vehicles unlocked, but I still need to find a way to unlock these missing contents, I couldn't buy All DLC sadly, even I think the Italia Tauromachia was never released because It seemed to be on the beta built of the game, but who knows


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I remember back in the days I modded Bulletstorm to get pre-order DLC skins. After unpacking the files, I literally just opened it with Notepad and saw the line like:

DLC01=0; //don't set these to 1, thaey are pre-order only!

I've changed it to 1, packed it back and guess what happened. Man, I've never seen anything that could beat that one so far.