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I was wondering what the car names are going to be . Currently there's some vague "clues" in the game.

Let's start off with the American cars

  • American 1
    • Can't figure out what it's based on, maybe it's Bugbear's own design.
    • Big "Detroit" text on the trunk. Maybe it's the make? Or just custom badging from previous owner?
    • Badging says "Superior ZS". I would assume Superior is the model, but it could also be the make. If Superior is the make, ZS would be the model. If Superior is the model, I think ZS is performance package or something similar.
    • Is called "Switchblade" in Weekly Report #13 UI concept video
  • American 2
    • Based on some GM B- body car like 1979 Impala? 80's Caprice?
    • "Automobile" Badge on trunk & both C- pillars. Again, maybe it's the make?
    • Most of the paint jobs have "Turbo III" in it. Maybe it's just a sponsor among others, or something more? Automobile Turbo III doesn't sound too bad to me.
    • Register plate is "F41L B047" which probably stands for Fail Boat. Wouldn't really sound like a car name to me  ???.
    • Is called "Blaster XL" in Weekly Report #13 UI concept video
  • American 3
    • Based on Oldsmobile 442
    • I can't find any badges from this car.
    • Diamond- shaped badge at the front- manufacturer's logo? Can't find this from any other car.
    • Tyres have white text "Goround M/A Performance. Could Goround be the car's manufacturer of just the tyres?
    • Register plate is "1MP-4C7" which probaly stands for Impact. Would be quite a fitting name I must say.
  • American 4
    • Based on 1970's Firebird
    • Can't find any badges from this one either.
    • Tyres have the same text as American 3. Same mystery still stands, is it the car or the tyre make? Original grille and lights have been removed, so we can't know if it would have the same badge as American 3.
Moving on to the European cars
  • European 1
    • Heavily based on Fiat 850
    • Can't find any badges or anything, so really nothing else to see here other than what it's based on
    • Is called "Chili" in Weekly Report #13 UI concept video
  • European 2
    • Pretty clearly based on Ford Taunus Coupe
    • Yay for badges! First off, big "Genk" badge on the trunk. Most likely it's the make.
    • Smaller "Sprint" and "V6" badge on the trunk. Sprint most likely being the model. A red "G" badge (has to stand for the Genk) and another V6 badge at the front grille.
  • European 3
    • Again heavily based on Ford, but Mark 1 Escort this time.
    • Can't find any badges from this one. Could it be a Genk too?
Next up the Asian cars
  • Asian 1
    • Based on 1st gen Nissan Skyline GT-R Coupe
    • Can't find any badges whatsoever from this car, so nothing much to see
Lastly the special vehicles
  • The lawnmower
    • Says "Sarien(?)" on the side of the hood.
    • "GT" badge on both sides of the engine.

So that's pretty much it for now, hoping to spark some relaxed discussion with this.
Cheers, tonza
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