Author Topic: Podium Display at the Race Results!  (Read 330 times)

Rowdy Burns

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I was thinking it would be cool to see (in both an online and offline race) first second and third place on display at the end of a race with the drivers stood in front of their cars. It could be a podium display (like for a championship result) or just parked side by side on the track itself. If the customisation options makes the vehicles more individual I would appreciate seeing my fellow racers and the result of what they went through to get the position achieved (I also like to see the wrecked cars after a banger race or DD in real life!) it would also give me the opportunity to show off my own car if I got a top result! The display doesn`t have to last long and just show a few different camera angles...mainly from the front but would be good to see the rear also and with the main focus being on first place.

Also has there been any thoughts on driver customisation like different race suits, gloves and helmets as this would be perfect for that podium photo shot stood next to your winning banger car!

I do hope something like this can be implemented into the final game.


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Relatively small thing, but yeah, I'd like this!

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