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Being that the AI is geared towards driving the racing line and braking only for corners, a thought came to mind to maybe help fix their temperament.
If anyone has ever played NASCAR Chase to the Cup 2005 there was a feature in career mode called Rivals and Allies. If you race clean with another driver, he would race you clean or if you raced dirty or aggressive he would be aggressive right back. I think this could really change the game drastically for the better. Since most of us are constantly hitting cars you would eventually have a full field of aggressive drivers that would be honing in on you and the other AI

Rowdy Burns

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I really like the idea and I think rival system in place would be great in a menu showing player names stats etc and highlighting who to aim for maybe to get bonus points in a race or destruction derby...just I wouldn`t want to see any highlighting players in game with a big red hit them target as that would make the game look stupid!...I recon results after a race would be better and show the clean racers from the reckers! I think something like this would make me take more notice of indevidual AI drivers and what they are driving in a career mode plus it would give the online multiplayer an extra layer of depth.