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Hello everyone,

You all can call me Genericktag. I'm a gamer from Vancouver, Canada and I'm excited to talk Wreckfest with you all! I first played a Bugbear game when I received the first FlatOut game on Xbox after a heart surgery I had when I was 12. Some of the songs from that game's soundtrack remain on my iPod to this day. I also own Ridge Racer: Unbounded, which I think was one of the more underrated games of the last generation.

I was also a big fan of Destruction Derby 64 an Totaled! when I was a kid. European developers always seem to make the best demolition derby games.

I'd seen some Wreckfest videos online, and the game looked like a lot of fun, but I'm not really a PC gamer. As soon as I saw that it was coming to console, I decided to pre-order the whole package, so if you see someone struggling in the Steam version until the Xbox One version comes might be me. Be sure to say hi!

See you out on the track!
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Nice seeing people doing formal introductions, it does not happen often these days :)

Greetings back from Tor Ole L. here, a Norwegian close to the big 30 (29 uff...).
Hopefully Bugbear will allow cross platform play meaning we will be able to smash each others regardless of preferable choise of platform.

If the PC version cocks itself up or throws some errors you cannot fix - ask, and we'll try to guide you to a solution.


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The path is far longer. We're not really going yet.