Author Topic: A third suspension setup - Offroad?  (Read 159 times)

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The new build is great, and it tackles a lot of the issues we had with uneven surfaces in previous builds, the new gravel / lose suspension is great! But I have one suggestion:
Would a third option for offroad be possible? Offoad would be much like the gravel now, just maybe twice as high ride hight? In an upcoming offroad track inspired from the Motorstorm enviroment it's clear that the ride hight is a bit of a problem when going at high speed over uneven surfaces. It's all a bit of luck whether or not you are launched into space or gets a fast and enjoyable experience.

Either way, we are going in a great direction with the handling, as of now it's everything I need (just a tad more violent car to car contact reactions and it's purrrfect ;) )!


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Why not simply give us a slider to raise/lower the car just how much we want? In other words, just one suspension setup, but completely customizable.

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Front and rear ride height adjustment would be mega
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Yeah! Adjustable suspension on the market  :)


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To the adjustable ride height slider idea.                                                                                                    _