Author Topic: Making new suse files work - but needs tuning  (Read 88 times)

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Morning! Been playing around a bit, and found out that new surface files are actually possible to be created, however - for it to work you have to have the newly created .suse file in the Bugbear main directionary and not the mod directionary. If you have, the tagging in the exporter does not work, and your materials will not be tagget with the #surfaceNameSuffic .

Any plans to take a look on it? 

Edit: A workaround for now is to export the track with the custom .suse file, copy the same file over to a mod with same folder structure and lastly go into data/scene/surface and delete the original file. That way you won't mess the original game files, alltho it's a bit clunky at the moment.
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Awesome find End...