Author Topic: What car do you drive?  (Read 10751 times)

Ome Vunzz

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The new VW Golf 7 Highline.  :) And really happy with it.
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Moved up from my '82 F-150 4x4 to an '87 Toyota 4x4. Pretty much the only thing I have ever owned is a 4x4.


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95% chance that my engine blew on my jeep liberty have to wait to find out what exactly is going on


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My current car is a 2004 black BMW X5.
I've owned about 15 cars in my time.....with 6 of those being BMW's.

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95% chance that my engine blew on my jeep liberty have to wait to find out what exactly is going on

What Happened?


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My first car was a Volvo 940, the lightweight back of the car and the RWD made it fun during the winter. ;)
Although a cheap car the custom sound system I build ended up twice the cost of the car :p
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Here is my pride and joy


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Here's mine.  Some day it'll become more, but as of now it sits pretty much bone stock.  I'm still working on paying the car off first.  About once a week I look into something, and then pull back to reality and say no, pay extra.  Last week I was wondering about an H-6 swap into it.


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My precious :)
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Trooper Bri

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What else would I drive?  :D
2004 P71 Interceptor. Retired state police unit.

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Here we go.




OK, I kid. This isn't mine, it's actually my dad's. Evo IV with an Evo VI body-kit, custom track suspension and brakes and some stuff he's added himself including a re-tuned engine, remapped ECU and a really really bitchin' turbo complete with dashboard pressure gauge. He's had it airborne on some of the small bridges around here.

I just felt left out because I'm not legally allowed to drive (different to 'able' - 'allowed') so I posted that. To be fair, if I could drive that WOULD be my car 'cuz I'd have bought it off of him.

If anyone's interested, his previous car-based experiment involved an old '80's 3-door BMW in which he'd transplanted a 600-ish BHP V8. Not. A. Joke. Sounded like a monster truck every time he fired it up. He wrecked the brakes on it so had to sell it off to someone (shame :/)
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As my first car a 98' Ford Focus 3 Doors, bought for like 500€. Pretty fun little car.
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At the moment I have 94 Toyota carina E 1.6 4A-FE (Japan).
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Here are my two summer cars pulling duty at the local drag strip. Some of you Flatout1 racers my recognize the blue car  ;D


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I still have this bus, and will be working on it again, once my back heals (yes, I am debating what colors to paint it, lol). 1971 VW Bus Camper Edition:

make it blue
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