Would you like to have local splitscreen?

743 (70%)
87 (8.2%)
Doesn't matter to me
231 (21.8%)

Total Members Voted: 1054

Author Topic: POLL: Local splitscreen  (Read 49268 times)


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I'm getting the PS4 version so I would love split screen to play with the kiddos.


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I also ask for a split screen. Be it pc or ps4. It's fun to play in company with friends. For this, there is sony led 65" + hdmi + i7 4770 + 2x 1080gtx + 4 DS4 =) And we find any intresting games with split screen or local coop


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This is the main reason why i would buy the game , also 70% of the votes think it s a great idea too , if it was my company i wouldn't even just consider it but make it a priority, im sure i won't buy it if it doesn't have that option .


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From Gamescon 2017 thread:

Oh you noticed those? We had at least an old muffler and a loose door hanging on the wall, way cool :)

Found the Twitch stream now: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169380144?t=01h16m05s

No one else didn't notice this:
(01:22:20) "There's splitscreen, maybe"

Please also PC, not only consoles