Would you like to have local splitscreen?

744 (70.1%)
87 (8.2%)
Doesn't matter to me
231 (21.8%)

Total Members Voted: 1055

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Ben Lind

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Since a lot of you guys have talked about local splitscreen support we thought about adding a poll to see how many actually really want it.
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Sometimes, I play splitscreen in games, but not very often, so I voted "I don't care", because it's not essential feature for me. The time could be used to make something else instead of splitscreen, but splitscreen is welcome feature too.

Oh, and I only play splitscreen on console, never play on PC.


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I can see it being useful for those who like making use of Steams "BigPicture"
Or just hooking up their computer to a TV in general I suppose.


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If you have friends at home, then its very great to have Splitscreen.
Normally i wouldnt care.

Danko Jones

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LAN: must have!
Splitscreen: nice to have!


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I would love a splitscreen mode. I would finally have something to play when I have friends over!


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Since a lot of you guys have talked about local splitscreen support we thought about adding a poll to see how many actually really want it.

Def. Want finally fun game that i could play with my friends


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A local split-screen x4 like blur has would be awesome!


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it can be somewhat a nice experience if the game comes out on the xbox and ps, but on comp, not so much, most have internet connection, can lan and havent got so big monitors that it is a pleasure playing split screen on the comps. So, a no from me.


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I'd get NCG on the consoles just so I can play splitscreen (given that there's even anyone who would wanna play with me  :-\)
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I only buy car games with split screen and bot support. This means I don't buy a lot of car games because current-gen mainly neglects the feature. My favorite split screen game is Blur on PS3. Yes, and I would only be interested in PS3 console release at the moment.


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There are also some tv screens out there which can use there 3d ability to deliver 2 independent full screen displays out of a split screen game. The tv I own now can't do that, but maybe my next. So I'm voting for yes ;-)


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I would like to have everything. But sometimes that's not possible, and if something needs to get prioritized away, I wouldn't mind too much if it was this. I don't remember the last time I played split-screen. For me it hasn't been that important since me and my brothers moved from home like eight years ago. It's a nice, fun feature to have, if you have a need for it.


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I think not enough PC games have splitscreen support and it bugs me when I have a friend over who wants to play with me.  +1 for splitscreen support.  It's a nice and simple feature that shouldnt really take much effort or time to implement.


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Yeah, I want splitscreen. Would be fun playing with friends.

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