Author Topic: troll mods starting to get out of hand  (Read 1261 times)


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The more you fear something, the more power it gets. Ignorance is bliss...

I'm pretty sure there won't be an epidemic of troll mods as you're panicking about... Simply because even troll mods take time to make regardless of their "quality". And aside from the time it also takes to create mods it is also having the knowledge  to even make mods for this game, which takes time to learn as some of you will know. And the common "troll" won't take the time to learn how to make mods for this game never mind actually going ahead and making them.

As for the images used... The animated preview pictures are very... Eye catching, indeed. However I also use animated preview pictures and wouldn't personally ever like that feature to be removed as it can be used in a good way. And then finally getting to the misleading/deceiving "screenshots"...  Just no, a two second glance and you will see how badly edited it is, and you can even see the actual mod peeking underneath the badly edited on photo.

Okay I lied, the last point I wanted to make is that you failed combating the troll, the way to defeat a troll is to not show you are mad, thus they have achieved what they wanted.