Author Topic: Steam Greenlight needs you  (Read 11099 times)


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Just voted yesterday and bought the game right now


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Voted! With steam i maybe get more friends to play this game  :)
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So, I apologize in advance for "ranting" and for this reply being so long.  I know no one wants to hear it and this ranting will change nothing, but I would be betraying myself if I didn't voice my opinion.

yeah... get with the times man. everything is online now lol.

Oh, and voted. Good luck to the Bug thugs
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Lol.....70 percent of the comments are Russian/from Russians. Game's DOA.
Playing Flatout online has made me hate people who can't speak English and shove their nationalities in your face.


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VOTED! And a friend of mine did too..


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Voted today!
And I am trying to persuade my friends to do this also :-)


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Got my vote on Greenlight! :)

Love you Bugbear!


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Also got my friends to vote for NCG.
And i linked the greenlight page in a giveaway of GRID on
I think that helped making a few more people aware of it.  :D


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been there, done that   8)


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Voted, and sharing the link to car wrecking friends :)


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Voted and pre-ordered... Hope it will be as a good as it looks :D


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whats the status on greenlight and pre orders?? looks like you have about 2500 pre orders but im not sure if its real time


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Voted and pre-ordered :)