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I think the damage indicators work like armour, which means you take more damage from hits on parts that are already blacked out.


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Where is the CLUTCH?

Read the comments.
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Where is the CLUTCH?

As for the clutch, yes - it's not easy but we're hopeful that we can add it soonish.
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Derbying and racing online is not very fun when people can see exactly the condition of your car. Maybe try to listen to some of the people that have posted and remove nameplates and damage from multiplayer? Sucks being targeted because people know exactly what kind of hit will take you down. Hope this has been mentioned AGAIN in this here update thread.
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I could see that as a server option. No harm in letting the people who want it (they're out there... somewhere) keep it, but giving hosts the option of forcing it off would be great.


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Will we see newer game trailer soon-ish and some (press) material (pictures/videos) to share?  :)

^ I'll fix those.. some day

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