Author Topic: Stuntfest sounds cool, but...  (Read 4560 times)

Bobby Koticks

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...this concept is way cooler. I wish Bugbear would develop this instead into a real game.

If you don't know It's from Bugbear April fools 2015.
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Or implement it directly into Stuntfest.

As I always say, Stuntfest can be much more. Road Rumble should be one of the "must-have" gamemodes for the game. Along with AI races, crashtest gamemodes (with placeable destructible vehicles) and proper arena/maps instead of a white terrain.


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Yeah, just recently though about weapons - probably because of Flatout 4. Could also be in Wreckfest - would/should not have to be part of the career - either in a quick race menu or similar to FO4 which has a "flatout mode" in addition to career and quick race.
Lots of possible gamemodes...

- you have one rocket per lap.
- or you have a railgun with a certain amount of ammo
- limited amount of NOS gas (almost like nitro, but based on reality, and no powerups)
- or take inspiration from the object cannon in the tech demo. You could shoot with all kinds of stuff.
- maybe even defence mechanisms like oil spills or smoke bombs



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I have wanted an object cannon derby since I first played the Sneak Peek demo.  :D

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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