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I do have a Build 6 Damage & Physics mod. forgot who made it, but here ya go! -------> <------- Enjoy
No, this is the exact opposite of what I want! This is not build 6 damage at all...

It is very easy to tweak damage. Easy in that anyone can do it with bagedit. Someone did have a go at recreating build 6,but everyone has their own opinion on what made it great to them. So its hard to recreate,since you cannot compare to build 6's files (bagedit wont open old files i think).

data/property/settings/deformscales.dfsc 'Damage curve env' is what you want to adjust if you want cars to take more damage from static objects. Its a momentum vs damage output scale. X axis is momentum and Y is damage you take at that momentum.
Holy mother****ing s***, thank you!!!!!! That's what exactly what I've been looking for.

I just need to find the right settings for the wall and we'll have FlatOut-Style damage back in with walls doing actual damage again. Haven't seen such a mod yet, so I guess I'll upload it.


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Bangers mod is pretty much a total conversion mod now. Although the vanilla cars are setup to die almost immediately for balance reason.
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Mechanical damage changes the gameplay too radically. You're punished for contact, and that simply isn't NCG at all.
The whole point of a destruction derby game imo is getting to the finish anyway you can with whatever damage you is it that mechanical damage should be excluded from that?...only takes away from the immersion is how i see it...
Just make options like Toughness high, medium and low and mechanical damage yes and no
Might be more work for the developers but it would satisfy everyone's tastes.


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