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G27 user here.  I find using 900 degrees feels very odd.  Only 90 degrees to either side of center seems to matter.  I think this is a result of the 'lunch tray' style of tire physics they've gone for, where nothing ever has grip.  I can see the wheel in cockpit turning when I go full 900 but there's not enough grip to make it matter?  It never seems to make a difference past that 90 degrees even on tarmac at 20 mph. It seems very slippery, especially after coming out of DiRT Rally, which is really nuts on 900.


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Don't think many are using 900 degrees of rotataion. Think it more like 200-360 degrees from the post I have seen. I use 240 with my DFGT wheel.

Would be curious if the Devs check how Wreckfest feels with 900 degrees? But if Bugbear would have to retweak the tire physics to be better at 900 degrees, would it screw up things for 200-360 degrees?
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Some of the cars use different tire physics at the minute. I assume for trial and error,or someone missed it. Most use freckwest2. freckwest1 is older version?

Tire physics (per surface) are located in data/vehicle/shared/physics/tiredynamics/ for each surface and then there are additional physics per tire located in data/vehicle/chassis name here/part/tires/. You can find out what surface dynamics each tire is using from the part file

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I too have been using 900 degrees.  While it is playable for me, lower rotation is much easier.
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I also sign up, playing with 900* with Logitech Driving Force Pro.


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So with the new patch and the improved FFB I wanted to give it a good thorough test before returning to this topic.  The FFB is very much improved, but unfortunately I find 900 degrees is still back seated.

With the front fenders off, looking at the tires react in the game, it clearly does support the full 900 degrees of rotation.  Which is to say the tires turn for the full rotation.

However, still I find that in game there's never a moment where turning the wheel past ~90 degrees ever accomplishes anything.  The car is in a slide at that point and what direction the wheels are facing doesn't seem to matter a whole lot.  In comparison, when I play DiRT Rally on 900 I really have to work that thing around every corner.  Wreckfest on the other hand is a situation where I can be going 30 mph and still enter a slide after turning the wheels 90 degrees, and after that it doesn't matter if I'm at 90 or the full rotation.  I don't think it's a product of the force feedback, I think it's a product of the way the cars control and lose grip nearly immediately on all surfaces.


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Hope we'll get some more FFB options in the future. Currently it feels like FFB smoothing is cranked all the way up, I'd like to scale that down as I run a T150 which in other games can reproduce detailed bumps in the road quite well.

720 is my preferred rotation, it allows precise steering but you can still catch oversteer.


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I'm eager to try the new fbb (i know, i'm late. have been playing this game for whole days when it was new, but it has worn out).

Playing on 480 rotation right now because i need to use my paddle shifters. If i have to relocate my hands on the wheel when using a higher rotation shifting with paddles get's hard
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