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Well guys,
it was not about the tyre smoke you know  ;)

Exhaust fumes should be lingering around in blue and white smoke clouds on high revs or when a car is stuck and tries to get going again.
I have not seen any exhaust smoke yet I guess.
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For the exhaust smoke youd want to look for the backfire or exhaust emitters. And either edit one of the back fire effects or add another to the trigger
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Did you make a custom smoke mod for your Wreckfest game? And with the new June Build, Wreckfest thinks your game is modded and won't let you join online servers? Here how I fix my purple smoke mod:

Got my purple smoke working and Wreckfest still thinks my game is stock so I can go online with my purple smoke.  :D

I ended up copying over the new stock files from the \data folder. There a bunch more smoke files now and tweaked the .fxbp files. All I do is paste in new numbers to get purple, no other tweaks. friction - #8F16DC - slide and slip - #9318E2

The slip_smoke3 file I left alone, it set to a white color. So you can see a trace of white smoke.

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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I found out today that the January Build give me square smoke when I use my purple smoke mod. :(

So I did some testing and found out the asphalt_slip_smoke files from June 2017 Build were causing the square smoke. The asphalt_slide_smoke files from June 2017 Build are OK. In the new January Build I found the image size setting was change from x=4, y=4 to x=8, y=8:

Swapping back and forth between 4 and 8 I could make square smoke appear and disappear. Also found changing image size gave smoke effect different shapes.

4x4 get square smoke:

16x16 give small round smoke puffs:  :)

32x32 give you stick shape smoke:

64x64 give you 4 sticks:

128x128 give you this:

I stop testing at 128x128.

So if anybody has custom smoke, just go in and change all the asphalt_slip_smoke files to image size - x=8, y=8. This should fix your smoke with the January 2018 Build.

But I like the smoke ball puffs, so I set asphalt_slip_smoke3.fxbp to x=16, y=16 and set color to white: #FFFFFF.

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