Author Topic: Class A Upgrade of American 4 for MP  (Read 1016 times)

Col. Kurtz

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I have a 185 Class B  4 American and have installed race exhaust and exhaust manifold. 

I have bought a race 4 barrel carb but cant install this.

I see no option in the Market to buy a race engine or race intake manifold.

Only stock or rally tires are listed.

Only stock brakes are listed.

I see others in American 4  A Class  at 205.

Pleae tell me what I am missing to get  205 A Class?

Any help is appreciated.  No one helps in Lobby  or Steam forums yet.

-Col. Kurtz.


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i guess it's possible that we all upgraded back before the latest build, then something was lost in the recent build, so if you didn't have it before, it's not available now.

Just a guess. Might be normal again in the next build.

BTW, I see with American 5 active, the game lists all American 2 parts for it in the market.
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