Author Topic: Mixed 4 - Checkpoint not working, can cheat the track!  (Read 530 times)


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Mixed 4 - Checkpoint not working, can cheat the track!

On Mixed 4, we got the Joker lap shortcut back, but can cheat the track if go left of the joker alt route.  :(

I took a look at the checkpoints and here what I saw:

pic #1

pic #2

pic #3

With the in-game checkpoint tool, the checkpoint gate turns blue as car goes through it and the next checkpoint turns green. In pic #1, gate turns blue and finish line gate turns green.

In pic #2, if I stay on the track and take the turn, gate don't turn blue, but lap will still counts when I cross finish line.

In pic #3, if I take the alt route, gate turn blue when car passes through it, lap counts.

But if I go offroad left of the alt route barrier wall and bypass both track and alt route checkpoints, lap still counts.  :o

It seem to me after car passes the blue checkpoint in pic #1, game ignoring checkpoint at the track turn and that let you cheat the track and go straight to the finish line checkpoint.

And it does look like you got some extra checkpoints in that area of the track. Could these checkpoints be causing a problem?

I also would like to suggest a rock be used to mark where the left side of the alt route checkpoint is, so we know if we are left that rock, we will miss alt route checkpoint.   :)
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I kind of like that shortcut. It's risky - you don't always make it and can end up actually loosing time. Maybe it could even be a little bit riskier :) or put some stuff in the way to crash through  8)