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Made this topic, as I've been wondering this for a while. I personally prefer FO2 over UC - why? Because FO2 has better feel of speed, UC lacks in this matter somehow. It's bugging me, because I drive fast cars which can easily go 150-200 kilometers per hour, but it doesn't feel like that. In FO2 you feel it a lot better. My question is, why?
Also, is there any way to increase the feel of speed via mods or something on UC? Because then that'd be my number one choice, I love the better graphics and deformation, also more cars!

But also as the topic title suggests, this topic can be used to discuss the differences between them two games, and which one do you prefer? Are there too many cars on the road in UC etc.
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The 2 reasons I love UC and just can't go back to FO 2 are the greatly improved graphics and extra 4 cars. Those 4 cars are the real difference maker. I'm REALLY hoping for even more cars in NCG but the only number I've heard a developer say is 12 :(


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<This is a long post, so sorry in advance for the mistakes in English>

My thoughts about games (without mentioning of new modes, extra opponents & vehicles)

FO2 is more interesting & complex. I mean, cars are "lighter in weight" (that means more crashes, flips, falls etc), driving along barrier lowers speed more. On the other side, FO2 had annoying    skid on dirt surface, in FOUC it's tweaked very well. Well, I can understand why FOUC has simplified handling. It may be because of increased number of objects & opponents (and their AI  :) ) So FOUC may be more complex but in a different way.  You fight more against environment & opponents, than against physics.
FOUC also lacks 'test drive' which isn't good but with simplified physics doesn't mean much.
Graphics & audio:
Well, FOUC indeed has better textures, lighting, effects etc. But on some tracks FO2 can win with it's bright atmosphere (which includes enjoyable bloom). FOUC changed style a lot with darker atmosphere & soundtrack. So it's a matter of taste.
As for sounds, I don't know if it's sound engine updates or some of them are changed, or better quality but FOUC sounds better for me.

Objects & models:
FOUC has more objects so tracks looks more interesting. Many objects are copy-pasted but it's not a problem for me. Also moved/deleted some heavy stuff & added barriers so tracks are easier. It's very good because avoids unnecessary re-spawns when you fly out of track in the field or hit static car at the center of the road.
On the other side, collision. In FOUC objects can stuck in your car more often (like this). But FOUC also have fixed 'ground' holes & better respawn if you fly to 'ghost' area. As for cars, FOUC fixed models so wheels doesn't go through bumper but while it doesn't affect gameplay much (unlike stuck objects), it's not important for me. I can say the same about some missed physics of objects or objects itself in FOUC comparing to FO2.

Classic derby:
FO2 clearly wins in this mode because increased damage some part of tactics.
?onclusion: FO2 is more interesting for SP races & derby because of handling, OST, atmosphere while FOUC is more visually improved, fixed some minor original flaws & improved tweaked car balance (so usual player can easily drive almost every car).
As for system requirements, FO2 is much more accessible & runs good even on low-end laptops.
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^^That right there I call really good argument, and discussion in forum board^^
(of course as it should be)

I never really thought about that stuff - I knew there was bit more stuff on roads and fancier graphics, but never noticed any change in handling whatsoever. There might be differences though(my driving in both games at first was just crash and to have fun, didn't care how it rode)
Gotta test both games again and see the differences.(Got both installed on this computer)

i5 2310, 2.9Ghz
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And... Less hackers online in FOUC was a pretty good improvement. Can't do anything about the lag switches though... arrrg


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If you're using a wheel, Flatout 2 is the better one. For some reason the force feedback feel in UC is much worse. It could just be my wheel, but I suppose they would have supported a common wheel like the Logitech Momo when making UC :confused:

So, out of all three, I think Flatout 2 gives the best arcade crash-boom-bang feel when using a wheel. However, the first one is actually still my favorite. It has a balance that suits my tastes better: still very much arcade, but leaning slightly more to actual physics feel when driving. Great fun :), one of the best balanced games in its class.