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FlatOut1 had these and WreckFest also needs them. Having all the tires flying around after a hit isn't the most realistic thing and it also likely eats performance.

This is how the tires need to be kept together:

Some separate tires are naturally cool but tied together stacks are also needed.
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I feel like the biggest issue with that style of tyre stack (tyre bale? tyre bundle?) is that it would require a whole new kind of collision system in the game to look "right". With the technology in-game right now it'd behave like a big solid rectangle bouncing on its points etc.


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Pritchard is right. The entire tyre stack would either need to use new softbody physics that's calculated per-frame (such as BeamNG), or the artists and modellers at Bugbear would need to create an asset that has multiple tyres attached to each other with invisible springs and hinges, and then rig the whole thing so that the model appears to deform and flex as one object. From what I know about the ROMU engine (thanks to my experience as a budding gamedev), the latter would be the only feasible option - where you tie multiple tyres together with hinges and springs.
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