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I've purchased the early game play months ago and I have yet to get to play it. How or when do we get to play the game on Xbox one?


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Look like a few months yet:

From Bugbear twitter page:

 dean derbyshire? @deanderbyshire Apr 24

@bugbeargames im currently playing the pc version awesome game so far.when does the beta come to ps4? This week would be great ?

BugbearEntertainment? @bugbeargames
Replying to @deanderbyshire

It would! But we still have quite a bit of work ahead so we're talking about months, not days :-)

 Console download

Hold tight. We have the game running on PS4 already (+ Xbox One) and while it's not ready for a release yet it's definitely coming.

On consoles it's not just a matter of pushing a button to release a build, we first need to go through the cert process and with all the technical requirements that our title needs to adhere to it's quite a lot of extra work.
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