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Clearing out my hardrive of unwanted mods.
All 3DSmax files were deleted months ago by mistake so none of the texture can be fixed.
Was gonna upload this to Steam but didn't want my account getting spammed with messages.
If you do upload this to Steam Workshop I do not want my name in the credits, track originally made by Freddy.
No preview image because im not reinstalling the game.
Last time I tried it ingame the checkpoints worked

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PC specs
None of your business.


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I will have a look Timmy cheers


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hmmm just makes the game crash now. Will do some digging


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One the latest Biulds screwed up my gokart tracks. Did the reupload, but forward version still crashes game. Reverse gokart track loads, but crashes when I trigger the gas bottle.

Waiting for the beta Build release before I try and fix my modded tracks.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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