Author Topic: Devs from old Dirt to Daytona and original Nascar Heat to help with Nascar Heat2  (Read 2691 times)


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I heard that the developers from the old Dirt to Daytona and the original Nascar Heat are going to help with Nascar Heat 2 (Monster Games).

I don't race modern Nascar but this sounds like good news.

Most Nascar game fans have been very disappointed in all of the recent Nascar games for the last 15 years or so.

I never played Dirt to Daytona but loved the idea. It had a bunch of old pro stock cars racing on dirt ovals before moving on to modern cars on tarmac.

Some different developers from one of the other recent Nascar games seems to be running the show and the Monster people are only helping out though.

One of my modding projects is making the old 1958 and earlier beach track for the original Daytona Beach races. Half of the track ran along the beach and the other half ran along the road. The corners were high sand banks. Crashes everywhere. Also lots of huge ruts and bumps from the sand getting dug up. The start of the road also has some sand on top and it was very slippery.

I don't think that Dirt to Daytona had the old track though. After 1958 The Daytona Beach races moved to an asphalt track a few miles away.

I'm amazed that nobody has made this track yet.
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They released NASCAR Heat Evolution last year and that was just their old game engine ported to Unity.
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There is new news that a dirt oval (Eldora) is included.

Not sure what else is in it yet.

Cars might all be modern. The series listed are Monster, Xfinity, and trucks. They show the trucks on the dirt oval.
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 I got a chance to try it out.

 Cars and trucks are all modern.

 Eldora is the only dirt oval so far.

 There are 5 non-oval road courses:
Watkins Glen, Road America, Sonoma, Canadian Tire and Mid-Ohio.

 It sounds like there may be expansions other than just more paint jobs. They aren't very clear on that yet.

 The handling bordered on being too arcade for me.

 It's still unclear if this will be mod-able like the first Heat was. I heard that Heat Evo wasn't  very good so nobody even tried. People seem to like this one better than Evo and there are some different devs mixed in so who knows.
 If a handling mod came out that made it just a little more sim-like, and if older cars could be added, this could be pretty cool.
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I used to be an avid NASCAR fan back in 2003-2007 (I'd play NASCAR Thunder 2004, 2005: Chase For The Cup, 2006: Total Team Control, and '07 religiously).
But I was like 10-15 years old, so anything to do with cars or trucks was cool.
The last game I played was NASCAR 15' and to be honest I don't remember much about it.
Recently a friend has got me back into NASCAR (I only know maybe 1/5th of the drivers and recognize about half the tracks).
We were going to buy NASCAR Heat Evolution but after reading the reviews we decided to wait.
So as soon as I heard NASCAR Heat 2 had a release date I pre-ordered it.
I've logged about 20 hours worth of playing time and must admit, it isn't perfect but its definitely worth it.

AI is aggressive and at times unforgiving
Tracks look realistic
Car handling feels like a car, not a boat
3 series (Camping World Trucks, Xfinity, Monster Energy)

The career mode is lacking. No customization, no "racing team" feel. Just you out there racing
There isn't a ton of customization (limited paint schemes, no sponsor bonuses)
Vehicle/Tire wear is pretty much non-existent and the damage seems cartoony
Caution only comes out when multiple cars are involved (if you spin out or if someone else spins out on their own there's no caution

For what it is the game is decent. Heat 3 will definitely improve. But, this will fill the NASCAR void that most people will have after playing Heat Evolution
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I honestly don't think it is any better than Nascar Racing 2003 or the oval sections of rFactor2.


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NR2003 was getting hard to find and expensive. I haven't checked lately.

NR2003 was where most of the mod building and racing moved to.

Lots of cool vintage dirt oval mods for NR2003. It also has prostock mods.

RF2 now has a Stock Car Resurrection mod with the early 1970s Nascar stocks.

Heat2 is the first Nascar game in a long time that most people didn't think was awful.
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I'd like to try some shorter dirt ovals. Lots more sideways sliding that way. Eldora is very long for a dirt oval.

I'd also like to try some dirt ovals that aren't all new, even packed dirt. The best racing comes later when the center lane is almost bare and slippery but the outer edge and center edge have a packed dirt cushion with much better traction. Lots of interesting tactics and quick decisions that way. Also lots of chaos because some cars are following one line and many of the others are jumping to the edges.

I hope we can mod this. It looks like an unpacker would be needed first. I'm not even clear on where the car and track data are. Hopefully not all packed into the exe.

The graphics were mediocre but that's probably because the game was designed for 40 cars racing at once.
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