Author Topic: Devs from old Dirt to Daytona and original Nascar Heat to help with Nascar Heat2  (Read 477 times)


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I heard that the developers from the old Dirt to Daytona and the original Nascar Heat are going to help with Nascar Heat 2 (Monster Games).

I don't race modern Nascar but this sounds like good news.

Most Nascar game fans have been very disappointed in all of the recent Nascar games for the last 15 years or so.

I never played Dirt to Daytona but loved the idea. It had a bunch of old pro stock cars racing on dirt ovals before moving on to modern cars on tarmac.

Some different developers from one of the other recent Nascar games seems to be running the show and the Monster people are only helping out though.

One of my modding projects is making the old 1958 and earlier beach track for the original Daytona Beach races. Half of the track ran along the beach and the other half ran along the road. The corners were high sand banks. Crashes everywhere. Also lots of huge ruts and bumps from the sand getting dug up. The start of the road also has some sand on top and it was very slippery.

I don't think that Dirt to Daytona had the old track though. After 1958 The Daytona Beach races moved to an asphalt track a few miles away.

I'm amazed that nobody has made this track yet.
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They released NASCAR Heat Evolution last year and that was just their old game engine ported to Unity.
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