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Hey guys!
I have a serious problem and i cant find a fix for it... I hope you can help me.
So. I bought Assetto Corsa Today and the game wont start. I press on Steam "start game" and it wont start. Nothing opens. No error.
Just nothing. So i tried to install Assetto Corsa again but it doesnt helped. I am using Windows 10 and i have a good PC.
I7-6700K GTX 960... I hope you can help me fix this. And in Steam it says left on my Libary when i open Assetto Corsa
"running..." for a couple of seconds and then nothing again.



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Wrong forum buddy, this is wreckfest not assetto corsa -
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Wrong forum buddy, this is wreckfest not assetto corsa -

Sam, Sam, Sam - totally the wrong approach.   ;D

Here's the way;

Danseyy, the best way to fix this problem is to:
1. Remove those nasty Assetto Corsa files, then get the Steam rebate, since you haven't run it for 2 hours or two weeks or whatever
2. Use the money to get Bugbear's Next Car Game: Wreckfest. Try it out for a few minutes, then in a few days, there will be a big update and people will be out there on the multiplayer servers.
3. Become a fan, play some mods, have a great time!
4. Profit.

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