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Anyone have the General Lee mod for the original FlatOut? Been wondering how I could get it, since I can't seem to find it myself. Replies are much appreciated.

I took a look at my files, did not see a general lee. But I had a HD go bad and lost a lot my Flatout 1 stuff. :(

I do have a Buick thou. One my favorite custom cars for Flatout 1. :)

Not exactly what I was looking for. I know it's your favorite mod, but the wheels and the paintwork aren't my style.  :-\ Well, I found out it was by ulukaii, and was uploaded on FlatOut Joint around 2006-2007. Seriously, nobody still has this mod at ALL? Also any lore-friendly FlatOut mods would be appreciated, or any mods the ModDB page might not have.

Bonjour :)

 Je n'ai pas le " Hazzard mod" mais uniquement la Dodge charger 69 by Ulukaii >


i found the skin



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