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Announcement regarding the Discord group for the OB: W2 Rules server;

Dear Wreckfest players, we have opened up a new Discord server especially related to the OB: W2 server, also known as ‘Sam’s Rules Server’.

There will be a general text & voice chat, an overview of the current moderators + admins team and an extended explanation of the rules that are enforced on the rules server.
We’re opening up this channel to have a communal information point for all players that often visit Sam’s server and just to have a good laugh with the rest of the player base.

You can use this link to enter the server:
Note: If you haven’t got a (free) Discord account already, you’ll have to make one first.

Once you joined it’s possible you won’t see any channels on there as I have to verify your entry first.

Hope to see you on there!

My steam group where u can always find some friends on NCG
My NCG discord server

Basic pc specs:
16gb ram
Amd athlon FX 8350 8 core
nividia gtx 970
gigabte motherboard
3tb hdd
windows 8.1 pro