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THQ Nordic's cooperation with Bugbear Entertainment announced!
A gifted driver joins THQ Nordic‘s Racing Team: Cooperation with Bugbear Entertainment on Wreckfest announced

Vienna, Austria/Helsinki, Finland, June 12th 2017: There are many ways to win a race. The best is to have a strong team, a talented driver and a wonderful car. By joining forces for the Wreckfest, developer Bugbear Entertainment, well known for the critically acclaimed FlatOut series and publisher THQ Nordic bring together these three parts. Together they will make sure the game passes the finish line in 2017 on PC with the console versions in close pursuit in 2018.

Wreckfest, currently in Steam’s Early Access program, is going to receive a number of updates in the following months, including these features:

The career mode: By achieving victories, players can get access to more and better cars and upgrade them with various parts
Car customization: A complex system, allowing the players to fully customize their cars for their individual needs, like more armor to withstand the competitors or more powerful engines
More cars, more tracks: THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment will make sure a constant flow of additional content will be added on a regular basis for the remaining months of the Early Access program
New multiplayer server: To guarantee an outstanding racing and wrecking experience, an Official Wreckfest Server will be opened

THQ Nordic’s Managing Director, Klemens Kreuzer, points out: “Wreckfest is not just motorsport – it is motorsport with an attitude. An attitude we love. Therefore we are very happy to cooperate with Bugbear Entertainment, to make Wreckfest better, bigger and simply the best destruction derby-racing game out there.“

Janne Alanenpää, Managing Director of Bugbear Entertainment: “THQ Nordic shares our vision for Wreckfest, and together we can create the most thrilling demolition racing experience on both PC and consoles.“
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so far so good with Nordic Games.....i mean THQ Nordic. fixing the GFWL issues with RFG, making a Darksiders 3, allowing Rainbow Studios to continue making motocross games. here's an idea, take the terrain deformation in the MX vs ATV series and apply it to WreckFest
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