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Hi there, I have an idea for new tarmac 2 -like track with almost all 90/180 degrees turns. It's a real track that is in the center of the small city in Slovakia. It's a small cup that is every year. I'm not expecting this to be in the game but i think its very interesting track like no other.

Maybe the roads are too small for wreckfest carnage and chaos with 23 players but there is no problem if it can be a little bit bigger if needed.

Here are also some videos from the track, its really very hard track with all those hard corners/turns.
From driver's seat:
Videos From side track:

If you want to see it for your self here is link for google maps:,18.1669467,17.71z

Yeah, i know its rally track but still its a "circuit" where you can make laps  :)
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Reminds me of Palanga track (I believe it's in Lithuania), it's taken from a piece of highway. Another city track may be neat, something like that except we can remove the barrier that splits the long straight in two lanes, because, well,  reasons :^)


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that's exactly what i was thinking too. Without those barriers it will be amazing to watch all the players smashing to each other in top speed  ;) it could be also good for suicide race gamemode (if i understand suicide mode corectly)
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Interesting track JohnBlackhills. I might be able do something like this on Tarmac 2 track. But no bridges, need T-bone crossing.

Everything remove-able from Tarmac 2 track. I could stripe back the track to what parts of the track I want to use. I did a fly-by of Tarmac 2, could maybe do a track like this with some tweaking:

I have my figure 8 track pack, when I get back working to on it after I fix my Gokart and Suicide track mods, I could see about making this track and adding it to the figure 8 pack.
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 You might want to check Google Earth. Google Earth can export models. Bob's Track builder can import that format.

 If Google Earth has this area, make sure that you turn on details like 3d buildings etc. when looking at it and exporting from Google Earth.