Author Topic: #TG24LS - 24Hour Charity Live Stream - Young Minds 28/07/2017  (Read 304 times)


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On Friday 28th July 2017 at 8pm, TADSGAMING and BOUNDEDANIMAL will both start their 24 Hour LIVESTREAM on their YOUTUBE Channels… More Information Below...

We understand money is tight for everyone and we feel more so for this charity which supports Child & Adolescent Mental Health.
Mental Health Services are struggling nationwide to find funds to enable themselves to support all walks of live with Mental Health Illnesses.

Young Minds:

During the event there will be opportunities to be part of our ‘giveaways’ as well as joining us playing some online games and having a chat!

Thank you to all the companies that have offered us support!

Barrow Raiders
Retro Cove
Main Man
Astra Print
Techlab Repairs

Fundraising Page:
Information Page about the event:
TADS Gaming Facebook:
Wreckfest UKBangers Facebook:

Video with some information on below.... New videos will be added to my channel and one mainly about wreckfest as thats the main game we are going to be playing 80% of the stream! Please use #TG24LS if you share or talk about it on social media and any shares would be so great!