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Theres only 1 song they need if they wanna satisfy banger racing fans.
Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough

Its been the rolling lap music for the last 30+ years at tracks all over the country

Im not sure about the voting process to be honest,the amount of people who own/play the game who will actually vote is probably tiny compared to a bands following. We could easily end up with terrible tracks in game,that got high voted just because the band asked their fans to up vote them.
Popularity contest rather than what people actually want to hear.
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True, the whole thing is executed to a score of 1/10. It is pointed out on previous page, it is not fair that some get more voting time than others, and, I still think open communities / pages as Soundcloud would be a better platform.
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I hope to see some folk country, the good old stuff. I think it fits the setting as that is what my community listens to when we race. (real world)


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I'm wondering as well if Bugbear has a say in the soundtrack.
Anyway, bought this game in august 2013. Havent looked at it in a long time but installing right now. 
I Hope my brother in law's band gets selected (rock category), but listening to the songs entered its mainly metal. We'll see....
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I agree with Sam we know how votes go it could be the crap in the bottom of the toilet bowl but it got the most votes. It is bad enough WE got told about this late and was not informed. I just don't like the popularity contests but when you do things this way it will always be one.

Even if the devs picked the tracks we would vote but if you heard one from someone you knew you would vote for it.

But in the end it is up to them and I HOPE we get some decent tunes or it will be set to 0% like in most games. :)


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Kind of sad that the June update is the last update thread and it's what's driving the forums. Considering it's November... it's a little disheartening.

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Bugbear, please don`t forget the the music and sfx volume control settings in the full version... I`ll have my times when I just want to listen to all the glorious sound effects without the screaming head banging music!

Create a playlist would be great too so I can mute any annoying songs or at least have a skip track button!

Why not put a radio head unit in the game... Old Skool... Create cassette mix would be cool as f*ck!