Author Topic: How do I determine the contents of the tier I backed years ago?  (Read 410 times)


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It's been too long and I'm not entirely sure either whether I still got a backup of my mail folder from back then. The forum badge says "Wrecker", however I have no idea what is included as it has been over 3.5 years. When I check my Steam account key activation history I just see Wreckfest for Beta Testing in Jan 2014 and Next Car Game Sneak Peek 2.0 in Feb 2014, but no additional information on additional content (that might be included). The library entry shows no DLC either.

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Please PM me with your Order ID (you probably don't have it anymore) or the email account you might have used for purchasing (your PayPal one from that time). Thanks.

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Wrecker will get the backer car when it gets released. If I remember right it's the same as the Digital Deluxe version in Steam but Wrecker also got the forum badge.
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If you look in your library, you will see Next Car Game: Throw-A-Santa Sneak P...  ( Sneak Peak v2.0 - title to long ) and Next Car Game: Wreckfest if they are activated and did not uninstall.

There no extra DLCs at this time.
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