Author Topic: [IDEA] Server permission customization  (Read 303 times)


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I tried to find topic about permissions but I didn't have any luck.

There should be permission customization option, which server owner could edit. It could be a text file, where you set the group name and what permissions this group has in server.
For example Minecraft permission.yml permission file:

Every right has own prefix, which you can set for permission group. In files there is already set two permission groups Admin and Moderator with normal permissions, but experienced user could edit the permissions:

- remove/add permission for group
- remove/add group
- rename group

This gives customization freedom for server owners. Server could add, for example, VIP permission group who has different color in chat or a permission to vote next track.
Server owner could add more permissions for moderators if owner wants. Or add Owner group which has fancy color in chat and has an crown prefix before nickname.

(Yeah I'm an old Minecraft admin)