Author Topic: 6/29/17 Hotfix process shut down by Avast  (Read 669 times)


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 Hi. While applying the hotfix today, the process was ended by Avast antivirus. Looks like a false alarm.

 The hotifix may or may not have finished applying. (Edited: rag dolls are working now so the patch was probably ok)

 I should probably try verifying the game files. Will verification trip over the mod folder or just ignore it? I'm guessing it will just ignore anything not in the stock game.


Wreckfest.exe blocked


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I had the same with my av. I managed to install the hotfix using safemode with networking


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 Mine seems to have installed ok before the process was killed.

 Rag dolls are working fine.

 I should probably have Steam verify the installation just in case, though.