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I donno if those or one of those following ideas have been discussed but it may as well work as a reminder....So here they are.
1. The damage inflicted upon should get a measure system the "Blast out" could be a low BO or a high BO..the measure system that I thought about is the G force (others will do just fine)
2. The "Single Event" tracks from FO2 should not be left out ..especially the ones (or some new ones) with many crossroads eg. Speedbowl
3.Nitro should be gathered like in FO2 ( from jumps and wrecking)and not like in FO
4.Some bonus tracks should be added .eg. a track that's at the "clouds level" and falling from the track will make an awesome crash ( but the gaps to fall through should be few and preferably not on the outer line of the curves) or an underground/mine type ones
5.Some new and more numerous sounds for the driver while crashing out should be added.
6.the number of derby arenas should be increased around 10 ..I guess
7. A new animation and sound for the nitro and maybe different colors according tho the type of nitro givers one last used ( red: from crashing into cars  Green: damaging objects [fences barrels etc.] and blue from stunts[ jumps 2 wheel driving]  should be added.
8.The number of the opponents should be more than 8 (preferably the majority of opponents from FOUC and/or some new ones)
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