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Modding / Re: The Magic Bus
« Last post by The Very End on Today at 07:40:30 AM »
Haha! Looks great :D
Modding / Re: The Magic Bus
« Last post by bill1947 on Today at 06:58:27 AM »
One more.  ;D

Bug Reports / Re: There may be some truth to memory leakage
« Last post by Flamaros on Today at 04:36:15 AM »
Here is the video:

Notice that it is smooth with the fly camera that present the track.

I'll take a look if I can do records with the FPS counter in videos.
Modding / The Magic Bus
« Last post by bill1947 on Today at 04:15:16 AM »
Just uploaded this one to Steam Workshop.  ;D

To told the truth - there is a very small chance that we will see a split screen in WF, because it's just too much work to do for both gpu and cpu(even for pc).

But... since the game will be on consoles soon some "couch party" events would be nice - some simple challenges that don't need split screen.
No need to sacrifice anything you mentioned! the game is very fine right now, no need to downgrade what is great so far.
Player-Run Events / All Asian Multiclass Endurance
« Last post by BrianUK on Today at 01:38:57 AM »
It's time for the next multiclass endurance!

This time, it's another two cars that are from the same region, but couldn't be more different - for C class drivers, you'll be in the very calm, sedate Tristar. For B class drivers, you'll be in the fast, insane Speedemon. We had a full grid last time, can we match it again?

There will be 10 B class cars, and 14 C class cars at maximum.

The Important Details:
Date - Sunday 1st of July 2018
Start Time - Practice - 6:00pm GMT/7:00pm BST
Start Time - Race - 7:00pm GMT/8:00pm BST
Car A - Speedemon B234
Car B - Tristar C164
Track - To be confirmed
Approximate Run Time - 70-75 Minutes
Laps - 60
Damage - Realistic

Rules & Guidelines
No Intentional Contact - this is a long race, so this is more important than ever. As I said before, no-one wants a limping car for the majority, or even half, of the race.
Lapped Cars - please hold your line. A car moving in a straight line is easier to pass than one swerving over to one side of the road. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Drivers Lapping Others - if you catch a car who is to be lapped on a bend, please allow the driver to exit the turn before attempting to pass, unless there is ample room to do so. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Resetting - can only be done once your car has come to rest for 5 seconds. If you receive another push while counting down the 5 seconds, you need to start over. Drivers coming to a stuck/upside down car that is on the racetrack, please path your way around it.
Keep Calm - you have 60 laps to race through, and it will not be won on the first corner of the first lap. Please be courteous and careful when navigating the first two bends on the first lap. There is no rush, you have plenty of time to catch the guys over which you have a speed advantage.
Carry On - crashes and accidents happen, and if it does happen on lap 24, the race is still far from over. Pick yourself up, carry on and report any grievances to me at the end of the race. Don't take revenge, it's not worth it.

Be aware that everyone who wants to join the endurance should be in Discord - you are not obligated to speak, however it'll be helpful for if we need to relay information during the race. We had a good laugh in voice last week though, so it's definitely encouraged.

Confirmed Drivers - B Class:

Confirmed Drivers - C Class:

Support / Re: Low FPS on all settings.
« Last post by Heddly on Today at 01:31:48 AM »
My problem is not that I need to lower settings or that my system is not good enough to run the game maxed out without AA, it is just the problem that my game does not run well on any graphics settings and I am not too sure why.

Have you looked at the software setting in the program that came with your GPU?
Support / fatal disc error
« Last post by yliquor on Today at 12:32:29 AM »
when i play career and try to do the lawn mower demo derby the game crashes with fatal disc error.  the other types of races and multiplayer works fine.
Support / Re: Issues with last hotfix (steam)
« Last post by Exo#72 on Today at 12:20:06 AM »
Hi since hotfix cant upgrade vehicles get error:- cant get bbUpgrade: index=0 Tag= path=

any ideas guys?
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