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General Discussion / December Updates : Wheel Users Discussion
« Last post by djfil007 on Today at 08:32:56 AM »
Still happy with the direction the game is going for wheel support and overall driving enjoyment with a wheel.  But few suggestions/questions about this...

1) What wheel rotation is suggested?  What is everyone running at?  So far I've settled at 540 degrees.

2) Could we get at least one extra slider to adjust force feedback, and that would be for weight/force of shunts. On a direct drive wheel they are quite intense at times, gotta be hands off real quick.  And if I turn FFB so low, I just get no useful FFB at all.

Otherwise thank you for the good wheel support; working with my direct drive wheel and setup as 3 separate inputs (soon to be 4; buttons)
General Discussion / Re: Clutch for Manual Shifting
« Last post by djfil007 on Today at 08:28:40 AM »
It's finally here! It is satisfactory! Wish it had more effect during race starts.
General Discussion / Re: selling cars?
« Last post by djfil007 on Today at 08:27:21 AM »
I would like this too.
News / Re: December Update
« Last post by djfil007 on Today at 08:26:21 AM »
UI - I like the new UI. Few little things to polish. Now centered on triple screens (good), including the new clean HUD when racing. But overall navigation is a bit of a PITA (when switching between kb/m and other inputs). Need a virtual mirror in cockpit view.

Controls - Wheel/pedals/shifter (separate 3 USB) continue to calibrate with no issues. Settled with wheel on 540 degrees, what is everyone else using? For FFB wheels, I'd like to see 'shunts' as a separate FFB slider. If I turn down the strength too far in game when using my direct drive wheel, I lose too much feeling when driving (tyre grip, bumps, etc), but still very aggressive feeling when taking large shunts (especially from AI in demo derby). While it is hard to find a balance, FFB is able to give you just enough info when driving. I'm satisfied that clutch support is now there, h-pattern much more enjoyable now.

Driving Physics - Overall feels great for a sim-cade game that I was expeting it to be (tested always with all assists off). Extremely slippery in Demo Derby arenas. Feels great catching/holding slides when racing.  Didn't try assists, except one demo derby with automaticgear box (don't suggest, it's terrible).

Crash Physics - I'm personally happy to see the insane crumples gone from previous games.  I think it's more realistic looking this way, except could be turned up just a touch. Wish the damage affected driving more (pulling to one side, dog walking, vehicle performance, etc).

AI - Demo Derby, it's pretty much always them vs you. There should only really be one to maybe three targeting you at once, with rare events that a larger group happens to hone in on you. Had a race at one of the mixed tracks, and AI wasn't optimized (off track or in to wall too often)... but most race tracks AI are working fine, and they race each another (crash each another) further up the pack at a fair rate.

Visuals - Had to turn down visuals since last builds. But still overall looks very good.

Overall - Haven't tried career yet; will reset prior progress and start new closer to 1.0. Didn't try online this build yet either. Overall very happy with how the game is shaping up. Just final bits of polish before ready to go.
News / Re: December Update
« Last post by HansPremium on Today at 06:00:54 AM »
i'd like to comment on the car names:

I can rly get behind most of them except Starbeast, Speedbird and Roadslayer

-Starbeast just sounds odd, doesnt fit for a muscle car in my opinion
-Speedbird was probably chosen to sound a littly bit like firebird but it somehow is the most unintimidating name i can imagine and again, sounds kinda weird
-The problem with Roadslayer is that the American 5 is named Roadcutter so u have Road- 2 times. I would rename one of them and since Roadslayer sounds rly rly edgy i'd stay with Roadcutter

just some of my thoughts, all in all great update and improvement btw :D
News / Re: December Update
« Last post by STRmods on Today at 05:59:20 AM »
So here 4 different mods, done by 3 different modders, what they have in common that crashing Wreckfest?

So I have figured out it is the preview images causing the crashing in game, non standard previews in workshop being pulled to be used in the in game mod list menu. In my case animated previews, others may have an unsupported format.

Fix is simple, new preview image... Standard JPG or PNG nothing special and it should be fine, ofcourse with the usual 1mb limit restriction.

Fixed  the mod list crash with both the Bugbear Bug and Euro 1 custom so you can remove those from the "unsafe" list :) Fixed all of my others that were effected too.

This mod also causes the problem for me

Figure 8 Track Pack - P44

Now what is wrong with car mods that cause the fatal disk error?
General Discussion / Re: Ranked and Competitive Modes for Final Release!
« Last post by Mopower on Today at 05:44:12 AM »
oops, bunnies.
News / Re: December Update
« Last post by sam223 on Today at 05:37:08 AM »
good news!

now we can select any number of laps for Sprint Cups !!
Doesnt work online though. Same problem my mod had. Server tries about 6 times to set laps then when race starts its 2 laps :)
Will be good when its working
No legend here!  :P I maybe a good second tier player, but no top tier player like Space or Hoppen. They paid their dues to be fast on the track.  ( and I could name whole bunch more top tier players I race with online on a Saturday night :) )

I worry with a ranking system, some players will take their ranking very serious and get upset when players try take them out. Like me when it a fig8 or oval track and I'm hunting the leader of the race. Wreckfest is a rough and tumble racing game at heart! In GRID 1, we had players that would quit the race if they were not in 1st place, so lost would not go on their win\lost stat. We called them stat whores. You start a race, race should count.

We never got Codemasters to make this change.  :(  Also GRID 1 only track your win\lose record. But a lot of good players were getting their share of 2nd and 3rds. Even me once in awhile. I tried to convince Codemasters they should also included stat of 2nds and 3rds so could get a better idea of good players online. No luck.

But with 24 players possible online, would tracking just 1st, 2nd and 3rds be enough? You maybe doing good to get a 5th if start in back row! And would there have be a minimum on numbers of players at start of race, like at least 8 players? And minimum on laps, at least 3 lap race? What about ovals and fig8 tracks, at least 10 laps?

Also there will be this issue, will players be kicking\banning players from ranked servers if racing to rough?

I on the fence about having some ranking system. Be nice give some recondition to players that are good on the track or derbys and be feather in your cap if you can beat one. But online community can get mean over this too and take it to seriously.

I go online to have a fun night having close racing with good players and get a good T-bone or two in!!  :D

News / Re: December Update
« Last post by Heddly on Today at 05:20:43 AM »
I would like to see a "Test" Profile available in Saved Game folder where my friends and family can be entertained by playing the game in Custom Event only without effecting my "Personal" Profile when I resume my game. Is this possible?
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