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Support / Re: Can´t join any server! "Fixed"
« Last post by Purple44 on Today at 01:27:42 PM »
Good to hear you found the fix.  :)

But fixing 300+ PING not an easy fix. If we could shrink the world and get PING down 200 or everybody have light speed connection to the internet, then we could get rid 300+ PING.   :P

Your best chance to lower your PING is to find Wreckfest players that are closer to Argentina. Find some South American players. Then PING should drop to the 50-150 PING range.

Put up a player host on a Saturday with some bots and see if you get any players to join. Your host label be at top of any South American player's server list.

I seen this a lot. Most times if I move my mouse the command buttons unbunch. But sometimes they don't and have to use KB, like use Enter to move on.
With no filters enable, server list is organize with lowest PING servers listed at top of list, highest PING servers ( 1 bar ) at the bottom of server list.
Multiplayer / Re: Wishlit : have a "vote next track" feature
« Last post by Daystar on Today at 01:09:16 PM »
Or at least have Random track feature that Purple44 has been pushing for for years.  8) That with Random car selection, would make for some very interesting races.  :P
Multiplayer / Re: Wishlit : have a "vote next track" feature
« Last post by basti4655 on Today at 11:49:25 AM »
+1 totally agree, would be much better than automatic event rotation.
Modding / Re: Mod Development Screenshots
« Last post by The Very End on Today at 08:25:17 AM »
Problem with that is performance. Splatmaps require rather intence rescources, and having them on top of each others will also cause texture flickering. One way around would be to carefully cut and split the splatmap model into smaller models, but doing this by hand and preserving the smooth ttransitions would huge task :)
Edit: even if you alpha the textures to make them not vissible, they still require rescources as the engine calculates all the colors / textures on vertex level.
Modding / Re: Mod Development Screenshots
« Last post by Dalags on Today at 06:49:24 AM »
You could probably get round this limitation quite easily by using the splatmap only for visual purposes.
Set the splat map geometry to col = false
Clone the splat map geometry, set the clone to col = true, replace the clones splatmap with an alpha texture, then assign different surface types for desired selections so you've got an invisible drivabe surface in the same place as the visual splatmap.
General Discussion / Re: Linux version
« Last post by P4InKiLLeR on Today at 02:04:46 AM »
Thanks  8)
When starting the game, the action buttons often show up all mixed up together at the bottom left of the screen.
After playing one race, they finally appear in their correct place (and will forever remain in correct place).

This issue only occurs at the start of the game, in the main screen and in the lobby.
Multiplayer / Wishlit : have a "vote next track" feature
« Last post by Gugus on Today at 12:44:59 AM »
Hey again,

I think that it could be really fun to allow players to vote for their next track, if allowed by the servers' config.
this could either be from the entire track list, or a set of predefined tracks from the eventloop, or whatever...
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